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ATOM GROUP ,is a multidisciplinary engineering organization providing international quality energy solutions and comprehensive power engineering experience.

Repair of Rotors

# Machining of Journals, Thrust Collars, Heat groove, cracks, etc.
# High Speed Balancing of Generator Rotors.
# High Speed Balancing of Turbine Rotor.

Repair of diaphragms, Nozzles Plate and others

# Reblading, tennons development, dressing of blades.
# High Speed Balancing of Turbine Rotor (under development).
# Slow Speed Balancing.

Testing of Turbine components

# Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Ultrasonic Testing of Turbine and Generator components.
# MPI (weight flurosant magnetic particle testing).
# Bore magnetic particle examination and bore ultrasonic (Borosonic) inspectionof Rotors.
# Eddy current examination of Turbine Blade edges.
# Natural frequency testing of moving blades.
# Ultrasonic testing of tennons.
# Metallographic examination by in situ replica method.

Repair / Rewinding of Generators

# On site re insulation of Generator Rotors.
# Reblading, tennons development, dressing of blades.
# Slow Speed Balancing.
# High Speed Balancing of Generator Rotors.
# High Speed Balancing of Turbine Rotor (under development).

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WE has made strong inroads in providing permanent solutions to Overhauling, Maintenance, Renovation and Modernization of Power plants.
This critical space demands very compressed time line for jobs to be executed and accurate knowledge and information on different original equipment.
As an experienced service provider in this segment, the Company has evaluated the best team of skilled technicians and qualified engineers.
The Company is equipped with all modern equipment and testing instruments for identifying and rectifying defects in rotating and non-rotating parts of the plants.
The service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of operation and maintenance of a plant including annual O&M contracts.


Our full-time Engineering department has direct power-related experience covering a large range of manufacturers.
We can rapidly replicate your part(s) to the same precise dimensions as the OEM using qualified trained professionals.
Rotor Analysis
• Failure Analysis
• Structural Analysis
• Stress Analysis
• Hardness Analysis/Micro Hardness Analysis
• CAD/CAM systems using Solid Works AutoCAD, and MasterCam • Meticulous Part and Assembly Drawing
• In-plant Material with State-of-the-Art Equipment
• Reverse Engineering Analysis Equipment
State-of-the-Art Reverse Engineering using precision measuring devices, including: Coordinate Measuring Machines
Optical Comparator
Portable FARO Arm
Niton Material Analyzer
NEW! Precision Measuring Devices:
Micro Hardness Tester
Mountain Press
ATOS Triple Scan
Our Engineering Department’s strengths rely in:
Product Application knowledge
Understanding of metallurgical properties
Material certified through traceable documentation


ATOM GROUP ,is a multidisciplinary engineering organization providing international quality "Consulting Engineer" services.
ATOM GROUP has been involved with the growth of the Nation's Thermal Power Plant sector and has contributed substantially to the engineering and construction management of India's major thermal power plants.
Our objective is to render complete specialized services to the power sector covering all aspects of planning, engineering, procurement, project management, construction & commissioning supervision as well as operation & maintenance.
In other words, ATOM GROUP provides total energy solutions and comprehensive power engineering experience.
ATOM GROUP has a team of engineers comprising mechanical, civil, structural, architectural, electrical, control & instrumentation, environmental, geological and information technology who converge their expertise and skills to provide well coordinated engineering deliverables.
ATOM GROUP provides services from concept to commissioning of fossil fuel fired power plants of unit ratings. These projects are executed either on an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) basis or on a Non-EPC basis.
In the case of EPC route, the complete project is executed by one or two main contractors.
In the other case, project execution is done based on a large number of systems / packages being procured from different vendors / contractors.
This requires preparation of well defined specifications and a great amount of coordination between many vendors and contractors to ensure smooth execution of the project within the targeted schedule and budgeted cost.


For any new project, ATOM POWER initially performs a study to establish techno-economic feasibility of the project.
Once the project is found to be feasible, a detailed bankable report is prepared covering most suitable technology options and financial structuring of the project.
This report is prepared keeping in view the requirements for obtaining clearances from various government agencies and also to approach financial institutions.
Today, there is a serious concern regarding industrial pollution aspects and the necessity to control it.
As a part of this, ATOM POWER carries out a preliminary environmental impact assessment study to identify measures that are required to be implemented as an important part of the project.